Where clues lead to cures

Groundbreaking research. Life-changing discoveries. Scientific leaps that impact millions of lives around the world.

As one organization, Mass General Brigham is a recognized leader in many areas. Our awards include recognition for research, work in health care equality, and digital health innovation. 

Research is the engine that drives medical innovation. Mass General Brigham is a powerhouse for medical research, with nearly $2 billion in research activity. Here, teams of investigators conduct thousands of studies in every discipline. Clinical trials help spur new therapies, and technologies. 

As long as there is an unconquered disease … or a method of prevention that remains beyond our reach, we have an obligation to conduct research.

Judah M. Folkman, M.D.
Massachusetts General Hospital, Voices of the Massachusetts General Hospital, 1950-2000: Wit, Wisdom and Untold Tales, 96.

Two centuries of medical progress

A long and proud history of medical firsts has shaped the history of our organizations. Individuals and families around the world have been impacted by these medical discoveries, starting from the first use of ether as an anesthetic in 1846. A few more key milestones include: 

Thomas Sequist

Innovative approaches like these are made possible through constant reexamination and reinvention of best practices to advance the quality and safety of our patient care to the highest level.

Tom Sequist, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
Mass General Brigham

Marching on in a digital world

As of June 2020, we have completed over 600,000 telehealth visits across the system as we rapidly increase the availability of online care. This is just one example of the impact digital has. Online scheduling, online access to medical records, and convenient communication through email and text are all part of our efforts to benefit patients using technology.  

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We’re all healthier in a greener world

Reducing our impact on the environment is not only a top priority; it’s our responsibility. 

Managing resource costs in our supply chain and reducing energy consumption are just some of the ways we lower our environmental footprint. In addition, we work with other hospital systems across the U.S. to share best practices and improve sustainability. 

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