Our Story

Stepping forward together as one powerful force

Built on a legacy of two leading academic medical centers, we’re more than a system. We’re leaders in the practice of medicine. 

Advancing the world of medicine with a name that reflects our history and excellence

We changed our name from Partners HealthCare to Mass General Brigham, a name that captures a sense of pride and a spirit of excellence. And now, we step forward with this name and a more outward-facing, aligned commitment to those we serve.

With the Mass General Brigham name we aspire to more closely connect with our patients and communities. We aim to further improve our integration among our organizations, so that our collective power can have the greatest impact. 

Building on two decades, we’ve most recently seen the power of collaboration with the coordinated response to COVID-19. Together, we will leverage our people, research, and technology to find new and better ways to serve.

A legacy of medical excellence


Our history includes New England hospitals founded over 200 years ago. These are some of the first and most prestigious hospitals in the world.

In 1994, Partners HealthCare was founded by Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital, two of the nation’s leading academic medical centers, with histories that date back to 1832 and 1811, respectively. 

Today we are 16 member institutions that encompass a range of health care organizations. In addition to our academic medical centers, these include top-tier specialty hospitals, community hospitals, a rehabilitation network, a health insurance plan, a physician network, a teaching organization, and many locations for urgent and community care.